Zilveren houder voor theekom, Tibet, ca. 1900.

Silver cup stand and cover, Tibet, c. 1900
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Een gedreven en gegraveerde zilveren houder met deksel voor een theekom. Voorzien van een 18e-eeuwse Chinese porseleinen kom. Herkomst: Tibet, datering eind 19e of begin 20e eeuw. Gemerkt met een swastika. Totale hoogte 22 cm, zilvergewicht 304,1 gram. (Verkocht)


Silver cup stand and cover from Tibet, late nineteenth or early 20th century. Such cups and covers were used in Tibet by senior monks and aristocratic families. The base is of stemmed form with the cylindrical foot being engraved with flowers. The foot leads to a wide saucer in the style of an open lotus with the scalloped rim emulating eight lotus petals. The rim is engraved with flower motifs. The bowl cover is engraved with floral and foliage motifs, and surmounted by a knob. The porcelain bowl is thinly potted. It is decorated in blue and white with flowers alternating landscapes. It was made during the first half of the 18th century and is unmarked. The silver is marked with a swastika symbol mark and tests like high grade silver, of which a minimal fineness of 835/1000 is guaranteed. The item stands 22 cm high; the total silver weight comes to 304,1 grams. (sold)

Reynolds, V. et al, 'From the Sacred Realm: Treasures of Tibetan Art from the Newark Museum', Prestel, 1999.

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