[Verenigde Staten] de Spanish War Veterans Medal, 1902

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Verenigde staten, de Spanish War Veterans Medal (1898-1902), deels verzilverd brons aan veelkleurig lint, (99 x 32 mm), in opvouwbare cassette van uitgifte. Prijs € 225.-



[United States} A Spanish American War Veterans medal with ribbon and two stars, issued to an officer, member of the United Spanish War Veterans. At the top of the medal is bronze American eagle in mid-flight within a laurel wreath in front of a shield with vertical stripes and five-pointed stars. Attached to this piece is a ribbon in the shape of an American flag hanging vertically with thirteen stripes and thirteen stars. Attached to the bottom of the ribbon is a bronze piece consisting of a cavalry saber, an infantry rifle, and a naval anchor, all crossed. Attached to this piece is the final component of the medal which is a bronze Spanish American War cross, with the four arms (clockwise from right to left), reading: "PORTO RICO/ CUBA/ PHILIPPINES/ USA". This cross also contains the dates "1898-1902" with the words "SPANISH WAR VETERANS" surround a small circular military scene. On the reverse side of the cross the four arms read (clockwise from right to left): "NORTH/ SOUTH/ EAST/ WEST." At the center circle of the cross is a field of five-pointed stars and vertical stripes with the word "UNITED" atop the field of stars and stripes. In it's original folding case.

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