Stempel en afdruk van het Onze Vader op microformaat, meesterproef van Lettergieterij ‘Amsterdam', ca. 1950

Miniature 'Our father...' punch and print, c. 1950
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Een metalen stempeltje (lengte 34 mm) en een afdruk van het Onze Vader op minuscuul formaat (afm. 3,79 x 3,79 mm). Vervaardigd door de N.V. Lettergieterij ‘Amsterdam'', v/h N. Tetterode te Amsterdam. In bijbehorend kartonnen envelopje (127 x 83 mm). Datering ca. 1950. (Verkocht)

Miniature ONZE VADER, printed by NV Lettergieterij ‘Amsterdam’ vh N. Tetterode, c. 1950. The text of ‘Our father …’ is engraved on the surface (3,76 x 3,76 mm) of a 10 point punch, also present here. The text on the punch, as well as the printed text, can only be read by means of a strong magnifying glass. It was an incredible achievement and it is said that the typographers who engraved the text worked at night, so that the building where they worked was not shaken by passing trams. The text consists of 400 letters, space and punctuation marks included.

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