Satirische penning op het torpederen van de Lusitania, Eerste Wereldoorlog, 1915

Satirical medal, sinking of the Lusitania, WW I, 1915, by Karl Goetz

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Satirische penning op het torpederen van de Lusitania in 1915, door Karl Goetz. Vz: Rij personen voor een loket, waar kaartjes worden verkocht door de Dood. Kz: De ondergang van de Lusitania, getroffend door een Duitse torpedo; datum '5 MAY 1915'. Gietijzer, 55 mm. (Kienast 156). (Verkocht)

An anti-English satirical German medal, World War I period, 1915 Obverse: The Lusitania slipping beneath the waves stern first and with obvious war contraband on her deck: cannon, war planes, armaments, with the admonishment above 'Keine Bann Ware!'  (No Contraband Goods). Below, in exergue, the German equivalent of: 'The liner Lusitania sunk by a German submarine May 5, 1915 '. Reverse: A skeleton sells passage at the Cunard Line ticket office. Along the top of the medal are the German words for 'Business Above All', mocking the Cunard Line for willingly placing passengers lives at stake. At left is a man reading a paper on which are the German words for U-Boat danger, while behind him is the figure of the German ambassador, Count Johann-Heinrich von Bernstorff, raising a wagging finger as a reminder that the Germans had placed a warning advertisement in the same newspaper as the Cunard Lines sailing schedule. Modeled By Karl Goetz, cast iron, 55 mm. (sold)

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