De Hoogduitse Synagoge te Amsterdam, gravure door Fouquet, ca. 1760

View of the Synagogue of the German Jews on the Houtmarkt in Amsterdam, engraving, 18th century
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De Hoogduitse Synagoge te Amsterdam. Gezicht van de Hoogduitsche Jooden-kerk, op de Houtmarkt te zien, tot Amsterdam/ te Amsterdam by P. Fouquet junior / Vue de la Synagogue des Juifs Allemands, à Amsterdam / à Amsterdam chez P. Fouquet junior. Gravure, beeldmaat 35 x 28 cm, in passe-partoutlijst met zwartglazen kader (43 x 50 cm). Datering ca. 1760. (Verkocht)

 Framed engraving titled and credited in both French and Dutch, of the German synagogue in Amsterdam, by Fouquet, c. 1760.  View of the German Jewish synagogue in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from a series of etchings of landmark buildings in that city produced by Pierre Fouquet Jr. from the 1760s to the 1780s. Including a lively street scene, with pedestrians, merchants and animals, this print shows 'the synagogue of the German Jews', actually known as the New Synagogue, built by Ashkenazi Jews in the mid 18th century. The Holocaust left the Ashkenazi buildings with no congregations, and it is now the home of the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam (sold)

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