Glazen tranenflesjes, ca. 1820/30

‘Lachrymatory’ or‘Tear Catcher’ glass perfume / scent bottles, early 19th century
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Deels vergulde glazen parfumflesjes, zgn. 'tranenflesjes', nog voorzien van de originele verzegeling. Lengte 126 en 145 mm. Mogelijk Engels, datering vroeg 19e eeuw. (Verkocht)

19th century ‘Lachrymatory’ or ‘Tear Catcher’ glass perfume / scent bottles These glass vials, with applied gold coloured decorations on the flat sides, have their original glass stoppers, and are still sealed. These vials were used to hold scent in. They are also known as tear catchers, Oxford lavender bottles or tear bottles. These bottles originated when the tears of someone mourning the passing of a loved one would be caught in the vial and then placed within the coffin. (sold)

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