[Engeland] Bronzen Ster 1914-1915 (1e Wereldoorlog)

Great Brittain, The 1914-1915 Star

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[Groot-Brittannië] Bronzen Ster 1914-1915. Brons, 40 x 50 mm, aan rood-wit-blauw lint. Met op de keerzijde de naam van de ontvanger: '97910 / A. Bmbr F.W. Dews / R.F.A.'. (Verkocht)


The ''1914-15 Star", World War 1 period. This Medal was awarded to all those serving with the Territorial Forces on 4 August 1914, or those who had completed four years service before this date and rejoined on or before 30 September 1914, who served overseas during the course of World War I. Those who had already qualified for the 1914 or 1914–15 Stars, however, were excluded. Only 34,000 medals were awarded.

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