Chinees porseleinen kommen en schoteltjes, Kangxi periode

Chinese export porcelain tea bowls and saucers, Kangxi period
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Een serie van drie Chinese export porseleinen kommetjes en schoteltjes, blauwwit gedecoreerd met een landschap. Kangxi periode, ca. 1720. Doorsnede schoteltjes 102 mm, kommetjes 62 mm. (Verkocht)

A matched set of three Chinese blue and white decorated export porcelain tea bowls and saucers with pointed and scalloped rims, decorated with central patterns of river landscapes within a rim, featuring oriental persons in shaped reserves, Kangxi period. The little plates are all 102 mm (4 inches) wide. The bowls are 62 mm (2,5 inches) wide, standing 35 mm high.  All backsides are plain and unmarked. All six items are in perfect condition, producing a clear sound, when knocked with fingernails. (sold)

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