Chine de commande bord met familiewapen De Heere, QianLong periode, ca. 1763

Chinese plates with Dutch armorial decoration, Qianlong period, c. 1763
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Een Chine de Commande bord, polychroom gedecoreerd met het familiewapen De Heere (Middelburg, Goes en Dordrecht). QianLong periode, ca. 1763. Doorsnede 230 mm. (Verkocht)

A Chinese export porcelain polychrome painted plate decorated with the full coat-of-arms of the De Heere family painted in the center on an asymmetrical gilt bracket and against scrolling iron-red and gilt acanthus, the shield and crest in iron-red, gilt, green and shades of blue enamel. Commisioned by Huybert de Heere (1731-1777), who was a VOC merchant in the Dutch East Indies (Batavia, Bantam and Palembang) from 1749 until 1763. Litt: Dr Jochem Kroes, Chinese armorial porcelain for the Dutch market (2007), p.501-502. (sold)

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