Bronzen beeld van Sint Petrus, Grand Tour souvenir, Rome, 19e eeuw

Bronze figure of Saint Peter, Rome, 19th century

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Bronzen beeld met de voorstelling van Sint Petrus, naar voorbeeld van het grote beeld dat zich bevindt in de Basiliek van Sint Pieter in Vaticaanstad. Mogelijk een Grand Tour souvenir, datering 19e eeuw. Hoogte 22,5 cm. (Verkocht)


A bronze figure of Saint Peter, holding keys in his left hand, blessing with his right, seated on a throne above a square base, 19th century. Typical of a Grand Tour souvenir to be purchased in Italy and brought back home. (sold)

This bronze is a reduction of the famous bronze of Saint Peter in the basilica of St Peters, Rome. The origin of the bronze is not known, it has been suggested that it dates to the 5th or 6th century and that St. Leo, who was Pope from 440 to 461, had the statue of St. Peter made out of the bronze of the ancient Jupiter Capitolinus. Other scholars have attributed it to the 13th century sculptor Arnolfo di Cambio, who also created the tabernacle of St. Paul.

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