Balboekje in paarlemoeren omslag, 19e eeuw

Mother of pearl ball card holder, 19th century
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Een paarlemoer balboekje, inhoudend afbeeldingen van dansers en een dansagenda, en een potloodje. Parijs, 19e eeuw. Afmeting 49 x 35 mm. (Verkocht)

A mother of pearl dance card* holder, Paris, 19th century. (sold)

*Dance cards became popular items at balls and assemblies in the 19th century when the more formal balls used in the previous century were abandoned. The minuets, danced by one couple at a time in a rigidly prescribed order defined by the social rank of the dancers, gave way entirely to less formal dances as quadrilles and dances done with a single partner, like the waltz and the polka. In the new social context the 'Dance cards' ('carnet de bal' in French) were used by ladies to keep track of the gentleman to whom they had promised dances in the course of the evening. The ladies participated in the ball with their personal 'Dance card' contained into an elaborate cover of bone, silver or ivory, an indispensable complement to a lady's accessorizing.

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